Gelaimei ? Chromium Picolinate



【English Name】Chromium Picolinate

【Molecular Formula】Cr(C6H4NO2)3

【Molecular Weight】418.33

【Chemical and Physical Properties】red crystalline powder, good fluidity, stable in normal temperature,insoluble in alcohol, slightly soluble in water, chromium is trivalent.

Chromium Function Mechanism

I: Chromium is an indispensable active ingredient of Glucose ToleranceFactor(GTF). GTFcompounds can obviously promote the combination of insulin and cell receptor toincrease animal tissues absorption of glucose.

II: Chromium is necessary for normal lipid metabolism to maintain cholesterollevel, to regulate the synthesis and elimination of lipid and cholesterol inliver. Chromium supplementation can not only decrease cholesterol deposition inartery, but also clear the deposited cholesterol in aorta to preventatherosclerosis.

III: Chromium can promote the utilization of glycine, serine, methionine inliver, which strengthen protein synthesis and promote liver’s RNA synthesis toprotect RNA structure integrity.

IV: When animals are under stresses, serum cortisol concentration will rise,but glucocorticoid is a steroid which will restrain the growth and immunesystem. Chromium can effectively alleviate stresses by reducing glucocorticoidconcentration and enhance immnue globulin and antibody concentration tostrengthen animal immunity.

The main effects of Chromium

1. Alleviate various stresses(heat, cold, transportation, etc.)

2. Improve carcass quality and lean meat, reduce fat concentration

3. Increase glucose absorption, promote growth, immunity and FCR

4. Improve female’s reproductive performance, enhance sow’s farrowing rate,layer’s laying rate and cow’s milk yield

Specification and Dosage:

Product Name


Dosage (g/MT of feed)

Gelaimei? 495

(Chromium Picolinate III Type)

Chromium Picolinate and carriers. Chromium Picolinate ≥ 4.95%

Chromium ≥ 0.6%

Poultry and swine: 40~80

Fish and rumunant: 50~120

Gelaimei? 165

(Chromium Picolinate IV Type)

Chromium Picolinate and carriers. Chromium Picolinate ≥ 1.65%

Chromium ≥ 0.2%

Poultry and swine: 100~200

Fish and rumunant: 150~3000

Gelaimei? 85

(Chromium Picolinate V Type)

Chromium Picolinate and carriers. Chromium Picolinate ≥ 0.85%

Chromium ≥ 0.1%

Poultry and swine: 200~400

Fish and rumunant: 300~600

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